Halloween Wonder


I’ll tell no lies nor try to pretend that I’m quite an affectionate for the Halloween. Even though it’s not very celebrated where I live, my family and I always had the tradition of celebrating it, and very seriously.

The whole house gets decorated with fake spider webs, skulls, cauldrons, pumpkins, a bazilion of chocolates (yes, I probably have all the Halloween edition  chocolates from the entire world – ooh, spooky creme eggs!). And dressing up is always a must even though the witch costume seems to take place almost every single year – come on, you only get to be a witch once a year, why waste it by dressing up like Minnie Mouse or Marilyn Monroe?

Now, don’t ask me why it is exactly that I love this holiday. I’ve always loved witches, sorcerers, wizards, potions and everything magic related probably due to the fact that I loved Witch Mimi’s books when I was kid and also, obviously, the Harry Potter books.

Plus, you have a great excuse to go to a Lush shop and treat yourself with a pampering spooooky evening with this amazing glittery pumpkin and this cute little wizard and have a bath while you read a book from my Halloween Reading List recommendation.

Hope everyone had a nice Halloween, now we can all officially start getting ourselves excited for Christmas!



Le Sunday Post – A musical one


Macavity, Macavity, there’s no one like Macavity… Stop! Someone stop this music from playing inside my head please!

Can you guess where it is from? It’s from Cats! It is currently going on an European Tour and fortunately it stayed in Lisbon for almost two weeks and I was lucky enough to go see it.

I’m a musical lover. If you want to win my heart, offer me a box of Cadbury chocolates along with a musical ticket.

I was so excited to go see Cats because a) I’d never seen a Lloyd Webber’s masterpiece  and b) I’m also a cat lover. So a Lloyd Webber musical about cats? Nothing seems more perfect to me.

This award winning musical is also the second longest-running show in Broadway history and the the fourth longest-running West End musical. That had to be something.

Based on T. S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats it tells the story of a tribe of cats called the Jellicles. What is a Jellicle cat? Well the first song clarifies you in an instant.

It is set on night they make what is known as “the Jellicle choice” and tells the different lives of the cats and their personalities which I thought that were right spot on – if you have a cat you’ll immediately understand the feline characteristics but also relate to human ones!

Then we have the mind blowing and amazing dancing and the singing, and the costumes and the song Memory which I almost cried when Grizzabella sang. It is so overwhelming to know a famous song all your life and then hear it live.

Whenever I see a musical it’s like reading a good book or watching a good film. Your brain is so fascinated by all those colours, lights and dancing that you forget everything around you and you space out. It is just you being entertained and being transported to the imaginary world of Cats.


Cats CatsTOP

Le Sunday Post – A cultural one

Picture by O Pão Nosso

You’d think I’d be lying when I told you it is 31ºc outside and it is almost the end of October. And no, I don’t live on the Southern Hemisphere. So Mr. Weather you’re drunk, go home! You’re supposed to make us feel chilly and not making people wear sandals and t-shirts like it was summer all over again!

This is seriously messed up. People don’t know what wear, they had already packed up all the summer clothes and shoes because it is the end of October… but come on, not matter what the month is, you can’t stand this heat wearing autumn clothes. Crazy.

I hate too much heat and I can’t stand being outside feeling burned. But as I always go out on Sundays the perfect option was eating out and spend the afternoon on a museum, where air conditioning is always a must.

So I went to a coffee shop near the museum called O Pão Nosso and I had a very nice and light lunch. I’d already heard good reviews about this coffee shop which is also a bakery and I was really enchanted by the place! It is quite small but cosy and has a lovely decoration.

So I had home made yogurt with hazelnut and honey which was deliciouuus and a bagel with cottage cheese, figs, lettuce and honey! Also delish. Oh and I can’t forget to mention the homemade juices! Mine was mango and orange and my mum’s was pineapple with mint. Both so fresh and yummy – now I wish I was drinking one right now.


Then we went to Gulbenkian Museum and saw loads of exhibitions: the first one was about Japanese calligraphy. It displayed several poems and proverbs written in different Japanese forms (Kanji and Kana) and some of them were quite inspiring and kept you thinking throughout the exhibition.



I absolutely love learning things about completely different cultures so I really enjoyed it! Then I went to the Modern Art Centre and visited the António DacostaAnimalia and Nature in the CAM Collection and then my favourite one, the Arshile Gorky and the Collection.





My favourite painting! It's so intriguing and different.
My favourite painting! It’s so intriguing and different.

People usually only go to museums when they’re on holidays and abroad but it’s so nice to sometimes go out and relax and go to a local museum and appreciate all the good cultural offer that your city has! Besides, afterwards visiting the exhibitions there’s nothing better than lying on the grass of the museum garden and read a book to complete your relaxing Sunday evening :)

Disclaimer: All the pictures were taking by me except the first one, which was taken from O Pão Nosso Facebook page.

Asos Haul


Today I woke up singing TGIF in my head. Not that I’ve had a very stressful week, it actually quite calm work-wise but I’m so excited for the weekend that I can’t even contain myself! To be reported the following post in a few days you curious peeps.

I’m thinking of doing an Instagram mashup every Friday to share my favourite pics of the week à l’ instagram style – that is, there is no filter escaping, I just love it.

So this week nothing too exciting happened so I’ll share my micro Asos Haul for a few weeks ago that I’ve been wearing this week! I’m sure that a lot of these will become regular in this blog because I order something from Asos almost every other week.

Seriously, Asos is sweeping the money out of my wallet with unresistable coupons and sales. The delivery man already knows me.

Because the weather is finally cooling down I’ve been wearing this New Look Check Shirt which was so inexpensive and it’s made of the softest flannel fabric. Plus, who doesn’t love a check shirt? Nothing more easy than to pull it off with a pair of jeans and boots when you’re late in the morning and your sleepy brain doesn’t want to cooperate with your wardrobe.

The boots were also a great bargain and I’ve been loving them because they’re also so easy to pair with everything. They’re the Asos Gamble Wellies and it’s safe to say that chelsea boot style wellies are very in now. Well, at least is what my fashion sense tells me.

Last but not least it is my favourite piece of this haul. It is the Asos Snoopy Sweatshirt and if you’d knew me in real life, you’d know that I love everything Peanuts related, specially Snoopy, Charlie and Lucy related. It is a very baggy and large sweatshirt, perfect for those lazy days when all you want is to feel comfortable and also casual looking. I’ve been living in this sweatshirt for this past few days and I just love it!

Spooky Halloween Reads


This is it world, I’m finally committed to making this blog work! I’ve had loads for posts, schedule a few of them and I’m about to post one this exact moment!

As everyone knows, reading is one of favourite things to do and I’m weird up to the point where sometimes I read “seasonally”. That is, I’ve gathered a few books from my bookshelves that seem perfect for this time of the year.

The daylight is going dimmer, the temperature is cooling down (finally) and Halloween is approaching – 16 days left, eeek!!

Some of these books I’ve already read and others I’m on the process of reading/about to read.

So the first one is Dracula by Bram Stoker and it is the one that I’m most looking forward to reading as I feel that it has been a big miss on my Gothic novels readings!


The story is known to everyone, or at least its main character Count Dracula, a vampire that seeks to spread an undead curse. How charming and appropriate am I right?


And how gorgeous is this edition? I absolutely love it, it part of the Penguin Couture Classics designed by renowned fashion illustrator, Ruben Toledo. Well done Mr. Toledo hats off to you.


Then I picked up one of my favourite books, The Murders in the Rue Morgue and Other Tales by Edgar Allan Poe. There are just no words for Poe’s ingenious mind. Every horror tale is absolutely captivating, incredibly original, unpredictable and mind-blowing. My favourite one of this book is The Mask of the Red Death which tells the story of a prince that tries to escape a plague by hiding in his abbey.


Then we have another favourite of mine, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. It may sound like a cliché, but it is really worth it. I read it because it was one of my compulsory books for uni and not only had I to analyse the book but the author as well. Now would’ve thought that an eighteen year old in the 19th century would have written a book about electrifying corpses to make come to life would ever be true?

That’s why  Shelley is one of my female author heroines. She was inspired by Erasmus Darwin’s experiences and the idea of Frankenstein came to life when she travelled with Percy Shelley and Lord Byron to Geneva and they decided to make up a contest to see who could create the best horror story.

Hats off to you too Mrs Shelley, for being a bold woman like your feminist mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, and create such a plot that has been lasting for years. Moreover, little did I know that Frankenstein’s monster was such an elaborate and complex character (and specially with a beautiful eloquence).


Next we have a book that I’m currently reading Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch. I bought while I was in London and I started reading it on the flight home but I haven’t read it much of it yet mostly because it hasn’t already trigged my full attention and curiosity, but we’ll see.

It is part of a series and this is the first one. It introduces Peter Grant, a young officer in the Metropolitan Police that encounters a ghost and becomes a trainee wizard.


And last but not least it is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. I read it when I was at the full peak of my teenage years and I remember being utterly captivated by the book and read it in a weekend.

Well, it wouldn’t be difficult to presume that I love everything feminist and strong willed female characters. But wether a man or a woman, you’ll love this story about the life of a independent young girl and struggle with her loving Mr Rochester. But you’re thinking why is it in a spooky reading list? Well, it so good that could in any list. But there’s this mystery and kind of spooky vibe of the unknown woman locked in the tower (and also the mysterious Mr Rochester) that just makes this book a perfect idea for a relaxed moment on an autumn day.





A Pseudo October


October October! Cannot believe that September is already over, it absolutely flew by.

For me October means the beginning of my favourite season, Autumn. The temperature starts to chill a bit, leaves turn yellow and orange and the sunlight is less harsh.

However, it is freakin 30ºc outside. What the hell October?! I’m boiling up to point I had to change from jeans and sweater to t-shirt and shorts and there are people at the beach!! whaaaat…. Plus, still no improvement in the colour changing leaves.

I absolutely hate the heat and I’m bloody tired of it. A week ago the temperature was cool and it was pouring rain and I finally thought Autumn was coming! But no… Mr. Climate Change decides to make my life a living hell (literally).

So stop lingering Mister, I want to drink my hot cup of tea and cover myself with blankets as soon as possible alright?


The Sunday Post


I used to hate Sundays, but I guess lots of kids do. Something about dreading another school on the following day always made me unlike Sundays ever since I was kid. Not that I hated school, but you know. It was like the end of a Cadbury bar, you just never want it to end! (oh dear, endless Cadbury bars…)

However, over the last few year, Sunday has become one of my favourite days of the week – you’re still the winner Friday, still going strong buddy.

I usually try to work the most during week days, do extra work on Saturdays and take the Sundays off. Sunday means waking up later, take a bath, pamper myself, have a nice lunch somewhere in the city and also, catch up with my reading.

So later in the afternoon I enjoyed a nice walk along the beach catching the final summer breeze whilst sitting on the sand reading a book (I’m half way through Fan Girl, and it’s a so so – so far).

Having dinner on the sofa whilst watching TV series is always a must on Sunday evenings and on this one we watched the the second episode of Downton Abbey – I loathed the 3rd season so much that I made an ultimatum with Julian Fellowes and said that by the first 3 episodes of season 4 if I wasn’t pleased I would stop watching the show. You only got one more show Mr. Fellowes, and the odds are not quite in your favour to be honest.

Nevertheless, because Sunday is now my frequent relaxing day I might also dedicate a weekly Sunday post to my blog. Keep your fingers crossed!


Wild Friday Night

photo 1

Unlike most people of my age, I don’t go out every friday night to have fun in clubs and stay up until the sun rises – don’t get me wrong, I do like to go out with my friends but once in a while is just fine to me.

Call me an old lady but there’s something about being tucked into your blankets with a warm cup of tea on your hands whilst watching your favourite show or reading your favourite blogs that no club or bar can offer.

After a long week full of classes and work all I want to do is stay at home and relax. This of course translates into the warm of tea and any sweet treat of some sort.  Plus, I cannot get enough of Hello October blog – it’s just a treat for the eyes!

photo 1
Hmm cinnamon roll!
photo 4
*sigh* she’s just perfection

A warning of bombarding posts

In my mind (or I’d rather say, dreams) I’d love to have a beautiful blog, full of gorgeous pictures and reviews about everything and be able to write and post every single day.

But life always gets in your way, right? What a nasty foe.

It’s not that have content and things to talk about, it’s time that I don’t have! The beginning of September was MENTAL I had so much work to do, I was working for two companies at the same time, and when it finished, university started!

So I’m on my last year of uni and I want to enjoy every bit of it but the amount gaps of my class schedule is insane  – up to point that I have to wait 7 hours for the next class. SEVEN HOURS PEOPLE! That’s more than what I sleep per night!!!

But there’s a good side to it – after trying 1000 ways of changing my classes and not succeeding in any of them, I found a good side of having 7 hours of waiting! I’ll be able to plan posts, write them, edit photos, etc! Plus, I have a full free morning every Wednesday.

So in a way I’m really happy that I’ve finally managed to find time in my schedule to dedicate myself to blogging – something which I’ve been dying to do over the last few years.

So stay tuned for a bombarding of posts!

Gone Girl Book Review


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


Rating: 📖 📖

Synopsis: Amy and Nick Dunne are a couple in their 30ish living in North Carthage, Missouri. Their relationship is rocky and suddenly, on their 5th wedding anniversary, Amy goes missing. And all the evidence points at Nick. But is he really the murderer?


Review: So this book was surrounded by hype a few months ago. It became a no. 1 bestseller that everyone talked about – the addictive thriller that you couldn’t miss.

Because it wasn’t my usual genre of book, I decided to give it a try on the ebook version (just so I wouldn’t waste that much money in case I wouldn’t like). I’d like to think it was a wise choice.


Let’s start with the title: very simple, straight forward and uninteresting. Whenever someone asked me what I was reading and they’d never heard about the book they’d go like oh, ok… and I’d think well, it really is a bad title. Sounds like the author couldn’t really be bothered to come up with something a little bit more interesting.

Characterwise, Amy and Nick Dunne are the most plain, boring couple facing a rocky marriage living in a quiet dull town called North Carthage, Missouri. The story is developed through each of their diaries, exploring each point of view and the story prior to their marriage and it is divided in 3 parts: Boy Loses Girl, Boy Meets Girl, Boy Gets Girl Back. Which can also be called Boredom, Crazy and WHAT IN THE WORLD.

So she goes missing on the first part and Nick reveals his stupidity by the way he reacts. He becomes the prime suspect as all the evidence found by the police leads to him. I thought it was pretty predictable that she wasn’t dead, and she would be found somehow. Besides, I never actually thought he was the murderer, he was just to stupid and dumb. Amy had a tradition of creating a “treasure hunt” every single anniversary, it would be same all along. 

And then, both the reader and Nick start to realise that this Amy Dunne is an insane woman who faked her own death to revenge her husband. Just how cliché is this people, come on. 

But if the story couldn’t get any worse, it does. When that psycho reappears because she wants her husband back and regretted her revenge, she gets even more insane. Oh that ending… I even went to Wikipedia to make sure I’d gotten the story right. 

Bottom line, because all the critics were saying that it was an amazing thriller I thought an immense mystery was going to happen and I would get the woooow factor that everyone talked about. To be honest, I don’t even know how this is going to made into a film! Definitely curious to see if they’re going to change that ending.