The Sunday Post


I used to hate Sundays, but I guess lots of kids do. Something about dreading another school on the following day always made me unlike Sundays ever since I was kid. Not that I hated school, but you know. It was like the end of a Cadbury bar, you just never want it to end! (oh dear, endless Cadbury bars…)

However, over the last few year, Sunday has become one of my favourite days of the week – you’re still the winner Friday, still going strong buddy.

I usually try to work the most during week days, do extra work on Saturdays and take the Sundays off. Sunday means waking up later, take a bath, pamper myself, have a nice lunch somewhere in the city and also, catch up with my reading.

So later in the afternoon I enjoyed a nice walk along the beach catching the final summer breeze whilst sitting on the sand reading a book (I’m half way through Fan Girl, and it’s a so so – so far).

Having dinner on the sofa whilst watching TV series is always a must on Sunday evenings and on this one we watched the the second episode of Downton Abbey – I loathed the 3rd season so much that I made an ultimatum with Julian Fellowes and said that by the first 3 episodes of season 4 if I wasn’t pleased I would stop watching the show. You only got one more show Mr. Fellowes, and the odds are not quite in your favour to be honest.

Nevertheless, because Sunday is now my frequent relaxing day I might also dedicate a weekly Sunday post to my blog. Keep your fingers crossed!


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Wild Friday Night


Unlike most people of my age, I don’t go out every friday night to have fun in clubs and stay up until the sun rises – don’t get me wrong, I do like to go out with my friends but once in a while is just fine to me.

Call me an old lady but there’s something about being tucked into your blankets with a warm cup of tea on your hands whilst watching your favourite show or reading your favourite blogs that no club or bar can offer.

After a long week full of classes and work all I want to do is stay at home and relax. This of course translates into the warm of tea and any sweet treat of some sort.  Plus, I cannot get enough of Hello October blog – it’s just a treat for the eyes!

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Hmm cinnamon roll!

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*sigh* she’s just perfection

A warning of bombarding posts


In my mind (or I’d rather say, dreams) I’d love to have a beautiful blog, full of gorgeous pictures and reviews about everything and be able to write and post every single day.

But life always gets in your way, right? What a nasty foe.

It’s not that have content and things to talk about, it’s time that I don’t have! The beginning of September was MENTAL I had so much work to do, I was working for two companies at the same time, and when it finished, university started!

So I’m on my last year of uni and I want to enjoy every bit of it but the amount gaps of my class schedule is insane  – up to point that I have to wait 7 hours for the next class. SEVEN HOURS PEOPLE! That’s more than what I sleep per night!!!

But there’s a good side to it – after trying 1000 ways of changing my classes and not succeeding in any of them, I found a good side of having 7 hours of waiting! I’ll be able to plan posts, write them, edit photos, etc! Plus, I have a full free morning every Wednesday.

So in a way I’m really happy that I’ve finally managed to find time in my schedule to dedicate myself to blogging – something which I’ve been dying to do over the last few years.

So stay tuned for a bombarding of posts!

Gone Girl Book Review



Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


Rating: 📖 📖

Synopsis: Amy and Nick Dunne are a couple in their 30ish living in North Carthage, Missouri. Their relationship is rocky and suddenly, on their 5th wedding anniversary, Amy goes missing. And all the evidence points at Nick. But is he really the murderer?


Review: So this book was surrounded by hype a few months ago. It became a no. 1 bestseller that everyone talked about – the addictive thriller that you couldn’t miss.

Because it wasn’t my usual genre of book, I decided to give it a try on the ebook version (just so I wouldn’t waste that much money in case I wouldn’t like). I’d like to think it was a wise choice.


Let’s start with the title: very simple, straight forward and uninteresting. Whenever someone asked me what I was reading and they’d never heard about the book they’d go like oh, ok… and I’d think well, it really is a bad title. Sounds like the author couldn’t really be bothered to come up with something a little bit more interesting.

Characterwise, Amy and Nick Dunne are the most plain, boring couple facing a rocky marriage living in a quiet dull town called North Carthage, Missouri. The story is developed through each of their diaries, exploring each point of view and the story prior to their marriage and it is divided in 3 parts: Boy Loses Girl, Boy Meets Girl, Boy Gets Girl Back. Which can also be called Boredom, Crazy and WHAT IN THE WORLD.

So she goes missing on the first part and Nick reveals his stupidity by the way he reacts. He becomes the prime suspect as all the evidence found by the police leads to him. I thought it was pretty predictable that she wasn’t dead, and she would be found somehow. Besides, I never actually thought he was the murderer, he was just to stupid and dumb. Amy had a tradition of creating a “treasure hunt” every single anniversary, it would be same all along. 

And then, both the reader and Nick start to realise that this Amy Dunne is an insane woman who faked her own death to revenge her husband. Just how cliché is this people, come on. 

But if the story couldn’t get any worse, it does. When that psycho reappears because she wants her husband back and regretted her revenge, she gets even more insane. Oh that ending… I even went to Wikipedia to make sure I’d gotten the story right. 

Bottom line, because all the critics were saying that it was an amazing thriller I thought an immense mystery was going to happen and I would get the woooow factor that everyone talked about. To be honest, I don’t even know how this is going to made into a film! Definitely curious to see if they’re going to change that ending.


The return of the Doctor


Well well… The premiere of season 8 of Doctor Who had been for a very long time (ever since the date was announced) on my countdown app. I was dying for it to happen, and when last Saturday came, I was ill and caught up with lots of work!

Oh boy. In what world (or galaxy) would I not be watching Doctor Who as soon as it premiered?! Well, life gets in your way and I would only be seeing it 48 hours later – there seems to be a 48 thing going on my blog or what?!

Ok, lets get to the point. Peter Capaldi. Yes sir, you deserve a bold style. Last year, when you were announced I couldn’t believe it – YOU’RE OLD! PLUS, SKINNY OLD! A big rush of no no no no went through my head, you were going to ruin everything! The recent Doctors were young (ish) and you could tell the show was becoming more targeted towards a younger audience and was getting a “refresh” from the old days. WHY pick a 50 year old man?!?!

So I was very, very reluctant towards Mr. Capaldi. But I underestimated his acting kills and Steven Moffat’s genius brain. The first few minutes of the episode are for you to cry, sob and weep as soon as you see Capaldi. But then you get yourself together and stop begging for Matt Smith to come back (or in a perfect option, for David Tennant to come back). 

As a fan of the show, you must open your mind and simply accept that there’s a new Doctor. Then, the storyline helps get you through. This new regeneration isn’t easy on the new Doctor nor on Clara, which kind of represents the once angry fans. And that’s what I absolutely loved about it, the episode shows and explains why this new Doctor is different. It explores the points of view of both sides of the spectrum: Clara’s reluctance and Doctor’s self defense. 

Plotwise, I also really liked the story: it starts with a dinosaur stranded in Victorian London (one of my favourite eras) and then explores the mystery of several spontaneous combustions leading up to creepy robots harvesting human remains to remain alive.

Bottom line, I do have to admit that Capaldi is a great actor and lets hope that he’ll bring a whole new life to the character and the show. 

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Classic books become London benches


London as a new adventure ahead this summer. If you’re a bookworm (ahem, *raises hand*), this beautiful capital will become a playground wonderland with 50 benches scattered across town, each one representing a famous author or character that have a connection with the city. Divided between 4 trails, Bloomsbury, City, Greenwich and Riverside, you can get the maps here and all you have to do is find them!

Can I marry the person who came up with this ingenious idea?

From your childhood books such as Dr Seuss and Paddington Bear to literary classics like Great Expectations and Pride and Prejudice you can delight yourself by seeing them all here.

The ones that I definitively can’t miss are Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore FollyKatie in LondonMary PoppinsPeter PanShakespeare’s LondonThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Through the Looking Glass (which  has some of the originals drawings reproduced in it by Ralph Steadman, who illustrated the children’s classic in 1973).

lion_witch looking_glass mary_poppins shakespeare

hercule_poirot katies


The benches will be displayed until mid-September and auctioned at the Southbank Centre on 7 October, to raise funds for the National Literacy Trust. The project includes loads of activities and the most exciting one is on my birthdayhonoring Agatha Christie’s Poirot. Unfortunately I won’t be in London by that time so I’ll probably cry myself to sleep.

You can check the full program here and get ready to be off to an adventure!

Penguin Summer Reading



So June is almost coming to an end, and I’ve just realized that my bookshelves are filled with lonely books waiting for moi to read them.

During university time, I barely read three books per semester due to the lack of available time, but mainly due to the fact that my degree is very theory based so your academic life equals reading tons and tons of books, articles, thesis, etc.

So when I end up having a bit of free time, all my brain wants to do is everything but read. Nonetheless, as the free bird I am now I picked up a few books from my shelves and I have come up with a few Penguin books (well, my shelves consist 90% on Penguin books so it wasn’t that easy).

In my very humble opinion, Penguin always comes up with the most incredible collections. I adore every single one them and wish I could collect them all! *sigh*

The one on top of the pile is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott from the collection Penguin Threads. It tells the story of the March sisters and their coming of age experience during a post-civil war in America. This will definitely be the first one that I’ll read, it has been standing on my book shelve for far too long and I can’t wait to sit on my balcony with a cup of tea reading it.

The second one is Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë and it belongs to the Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition. I had already started reading a few pages back in the beginning of the semester but work and exams came along and it has never since been on my hands. The famous characters Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw come to live in this classic of English literature during the Victorian era.

The last two, on bottom of the pile, both belong to the Penguin English Library Edition. The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins  is a 19th-century British detective novel that tells the mystery of a stolen Indian diamond at a party and unleashes unforeseen consequences.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is obviously very straight forward to everyone, as this horror novel portraits the life of the eccentric Victor Frankenstein and his famous monstrous creature.

Ode to Freedom



Finishing your last exam is like running the last mile of a never ending exhausting academic marathon. Your body and mind ache, you have dark circles down to your toes, you “diet”consists on fast food, loads of chocolate and coffee to make your brain function and sitting for hours and hours in front of a computer or book. So you eat bad, don’t sleep or exercise.

Who ever said that being a student was a good thing?! 

Honestly, I can’t even tell how much I would love to go back to 1st grade and be a kid again. Days before my last exam, my brain is on denial, it just simply refuses to let any more information in. All I can think is crossing the finish line and raise up my arms, clear all that sweat and lay down on the floor because it’s over.

And when that moment finally comes, I can’t believe it. My mind can not grasp the idea of 3 months of freedom. No more group works, no more projects, no more late nights studying. I HAVE NOTHING DUE! I can wake up every single day thinking: I have nothing due to hand in, I have nothing to worry about. Oh boy what a feeling. 

I can enjoy waking up with an alarm; I can take great delight in not knowing if it is work days or weekends, because it won’t matter; I may not even know what month it is as long as it is SUMMER.

Oh Summer my friend. Sometimes I hate you because it’s 40ºC outside and the air is unbreathable. Nonetheless, you are the Ode to Freedom. When you arrive, it is the best feeling ever.

It means my birthday is coming up and that I’m going to travel a lot more! So for that, you are the Queen of Seasons. My brain is so tired after two grueling semesters and it seems it can not function by doing nothing. This is what university does it to you people.